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Interlibrary Loans: FAQs

Information on the Interlibrary Loans service offered through Bishop's University Library Learning Commons

Document FAQs

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    I see the message: “Unable to retrieve document: The document has been deleted.”

    The document has been automatically deleted because the limited access period has expired. In conformity with Canadian Copyright Law, your document is available for 5 days from the date first viewed.

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    If you are using Acrobat Reader you need to update to Adobe Reader.

    In Acrobat Reader, open the Help menu and choose “Check for updates”.

    Follow the instructions to download the most recent version of Adobe Reader from the Adobe site

    If you are using Internet Explorer and are seeing this message while trying to open your document, the following steps should help resolve the problem:

    1. Open Internet Options in Control Panel and click the Advanced tab.
    2. Select the check box, Enable Third-Party Browser Extensions.
    3. Click OK, and then restart Internet Explorer.

    If this does not resolve the problem, try the following:

    1. In Adobe Reader, open the Help menu.
    2. Click the menu item Repair Adobe Reader Installation.
    3. Choose Yes to repair the current installation of Adobe Reader.

    Go to the View menu then choose Zoom to adjust the size of the image or try scrolling up, down, right and left. This may reveal the rest of the document.

    Problems can occur when printing a PDF file. For example, a PDF file can contain damaged content such as images or fonts that Adobe Reader cannot process during printing.

    Please ensure that your version of Adobe Reader is up to date by going to the Help menu and choosing “Check for updates”. Once your version of Adobe Reader has been updated, try printing your document again.

    If this does not resolve the problem, choose “Print As Image” in the Adobe Reader printer settings. This bypasses many problems by sending the printer an image of your document. Note that this can cause images and fonts to look slightly rougher, especially at the edges.

    1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader.
    2. Open the File menu and choose Print.
    3. Click on the Advanced button.
    4. Select the Print As Image option.
    5. Click OK, and then Print.

    If you still have problems obtaining your document, please contact Bishop’s University ILL from Monday to Friday 9am-4pm either by telephone 819-822-9600 ext. 2710 or by email